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  4. Lock list
  5. Enter prices
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The app is an easy-to-use shopping list in which you can enter all the items you can think of and need.
The entry opens with the "+" button.
A short click on the article and you switch from "I need" shown in green to "not needed" - shown in yellow.

Change the article:

Click on the article a little longer and the menu bar changes

Artikel ändern

Now click on the pen

and now you can change the number or the product.

Delete Article:

Click on several articles a little longer and the menu bar changes

and how to delete all 4 selected products.

Lock list:

When shopping, if you look at the list and then plug in your cell phone, it can happen that articles are clicked unnoticed. This is annoying because it changes the list unnoticed.
Before inserting the smartphone, click briefly on the slide button

and thus the list is blocked.
As soon as you click this button again, you can edit your list again.

Enter prices:

How many times have you asked yourself - how much money is in my shopping cart!
Click on Settings (3 points) and select "Enter prices" - "on"

A new ad appears

If you click on an article with a green background, you will be asked for the price

Repeat this for all products that you add to your shopping cart.
When you get to the checkout, click on the button to the left of the price display

You can now compare the cashier's invoice with your entries

Delete prices:

Before you continue shopping in another shop, you must delete the prices you entered previously.
To do this, click on the trash can, to the right of the price display

All prices entered will be deleted.

Contact the developer:

If you have any questions or suggestions about the app, please contact us:
Mailformular   software(at)fgs-ltd.com

We would be happy if you would give us 5 stars as a rating in the app store

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