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Free tools, which make the work with your computer or notebook more pleasant for you!
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FGS Freeware

All download on this side are naturally free for you and you are received thereby also no obligations! The small tools should simplify your work on the computer or notebook for you. Here in our download section you find also the Freeware Version from "FGS-Cashbook" !

FGS Restart
Restart without tiresome inquiries

FGS Restart With this small programme you can restart your computer with only one click. Any opened programmes are closed afterwards and your PC or notebook get immediately restarted. Download FGS-Restart

FGS ShutDown
Shutdown without tiresome inquiries

FGS - ShutDown With only one click your computer or notebook will shut down. Opened programs are closed, afterwards your PC or also laptop is shut down immediately. Download FGS-ShutDown

Open the CD/DVD drive

FGS - CD Open The ejection button with the laptop is often only very difficult to serve. With FGS-Open you can open your CD/DVD drive only with a click as soon as possible. It is particularly suitable for laptops. Download FGS-CD Open/Close

FGS CD Open/Close
Open the CD/DVD drive

FGS - CD Open/Close With it your CD/DVD drive with only one click is opened or closed. Only suitable for drives with open/close mechanism. For Laptops or Notebooks please install FGS-CD-Open. Download FGS-CD Open/Close

FGS - Keyboard
Open the Windows Keyboard

FGS - CD Open If you want to write foreign letters or you have a touchpad and want to write something.A click on the program icon and you will start the keyboard. Download FGS-Bildschirmtastatur

FGS Snipping - Tool
Starts the Windows Snipping Tool

FGS - CD Open You need a copy of the screen segment? This is the ideal Windows tool. Download FGS-Calculator

FGS Charmap - Tool
Starts the Windows Charmap Tool

FGS - CD Open © (copyright), ø ot â (a with Zirkumflex)...., all these special characters you will find in the Windows Character Map. With this little tool you can start this. Download FGS-Calculator

FGS - Calculator
Open the Windows Calculator

FGS - CD Open Where is the Windows Calculator? With this little tool is no longer a problem. Setup sets this icon on your desktop, double click will open up the Windows Calculator. Download FGS-Calculator

FGS QR-Code Creator
Create your own QR Code

FGS - CD Open Create your own QR code with your text or numbers with this little tool. Also multi-line Download FGS-QR-Code Creator

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FGS Cash Book

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FGS programs are compatible with Windows 8 and recommended for Windows 10 + 11(32bit + 64bit).

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The FGS Software Team recommends Windows 10 and 11
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