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FGS Cash Book FAQ and Help

FGS Cashbook! This program facilitates the daily work with the administration of your finances.

General explanation:

With the first start you are asked for your address data. Enter here please your company name or your pre and surname also your address. If you register the program later this information must match 100% of the registration.

In the menu "Accessoires - Currency" you can change between the offered currencies (there is no conversion). The standard currency uses the currency set from your system.

In the menu "Accessoires - Backup" you can save your entered data. Save your data regularly!

First, you enter a deposit. Then you can build in the single receipts for expenditure sorts according to date.

Automatically a new number will award to every new book entry which you can change. The current number can remain also empty, for example, with a private insert without voucher.

Should you find once a voucher which you want to insert in between, you give administer the date and the last number of this day plus "a" or "b" (e.g., 45a).

At the end of one month you can print the cash desk report. Choose the period and the report date.

Description of the input:

Date: Right or Left" moves the entry from day to month or year, with "Enter" will exit the field.
ConsNo: A sequential number is assigned here automatically (last number plus 1)
Description: Enter here the text of your document (e.g. "Rent"). As evidence, repeat often, you do the next command only enter the first letter and then the text, the VAT rate and the last entered amount transferred.
Categorie: If you for example, describing have "Petrol" input, you can enter the vehicle or an account number. For clubs with advertising revenue here, the sponsor may be entered and thus is in the evaluation of the overall advertising and you can sum the amount of the individual sponsors.
%: This field facilitates the work of your accountant in preparing your VAT return.
VAT: Here is an automatic calculation of the gross value of the input (input output). This field can not be changed.
In: Cash income are entered here. (Gross amount including VAT)
Out: Vouchers, which reduce the cash position, are entered here. (Gross amount including pre vat)
Remainder: This field is not changeable, it indicates to you the cash position.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

NET Framework
Always install the latest update of your Windows version!

Install the Microsoft Report Viewer again.

Where do I enter a beginning balance?
In the lower book entry line. Enter the beginning balance like a normal voucher. The date is the start of the cash account, delete the serial number, for example, enter as description "Transfer" or "Existing", leave the VAT - field empty and enter the opening balance as a "deposit". Now save this entry.

How can I store the whole calculation of a whole month and pick up the cash flow into the next month?
Enter your receipts just continuously adapting. If the financial report to restrict your chosen period, the beginning balance and the ending balance is automatically calculated.

The registry key (password) is not recognized!
Use the same data that you used to register. For the creation of your personal key we use Name 1, Name 2, street with house number and also postal zip code with city. Pay attention please to upper case and lower case as well as to blank character!.

Can I save my records so that I can use it to reinstall again?
You find in the menu "Accessoires - Backup" the possibility to protect your personal dates on a date memory elective by you. Should you have to format once your hard disk, instal the cashbook > 5.3.x anew and copy afterwards your protection file in the new folder:

I would like to divide it into private and business. If I want to install the software again so far led version is overwritten. How can I install it a second time?
You do not need to install the software a second time. Set within the program to a new book. (Available only with registration)

Why 20% of vat calculation (Austria) with an amount of 250€ proves a value of 41.67€, instead of from 50€?
The 250€ contain the VAT (gross amount). The net amount is calculated as follows: 208.33€ Net + 20% of VAT 41.67€ prove Gross 250€.

While printing out the financial report I can see on the monitor the expenses (in red shown). On the paper these figures do not come out.
Check by your printer whether the colour cartridges are ok.

I have problems with the old version 5.x or 6.x
The old versions are no longer supported.
Registered users of the old version can be requested by specifying the old registration number and your address data to update the special price with mail. Then the old books can be imported into the new version.

The FGS Software Team recommends Windows 10 and 11
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