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FGS Software - Developed as an alternative to the expensive and complicated cash desk systems!
Simplest operation and a free analysis program with integrated stock management!

FGS-POS Whitch Hardware?

FGS software runs on Windows versions (Windows 10 und 8.1), we recommend the latest Windows 10 and 11 because our software supports up to date all the touch features of this operating system.
Whether it's a 7 or 8 inch tablet for $ 150 or an all-in-one computer with 19.5 inch (MSI Pro 20ET) for $ 530 now, these devices have now almost a touch screen and this is for use of our software very comfortable.
For small devices, please make sure that a USB connector and a charging port is also available, as otherwise in continuous operation, the connected USB printer prevents the loading.
For devices under 10 inches should be an external monitor connector available.If you want to enter the menu or wish to evaluate the data from the program, an external monitor, mouse and keyboard is very helpful.
FGS Restaurant 8 inches - small pubs or ordering at the table

8 inches - small pubs or ordering at the table
10 inches - full-fledged computer and mobile
10 inches - full-fledged computer and mobile
FGS Restaurant 10 inches - keyboard as a stand
10 inches - keyboard as a stand

» Printer

A roll printer is a must.
With a normal inkjet or laser printer, the printing operation takes too long and the paper size is not appropriate.
Meanwhile, there are discount brands printer (Epson or Bixolon) already for about 200 $ or a cheaper on over the Internet from China.
When you buy a printer look on the connection option, because the new computer today mostly multiple USB ports, but no have serial or parallel connection ports. If the printer is to be more than 10 meters (maximum length for USB) from the computer, then take a LAN connection (up to 100 meters).
Further, the printer should have a paper width of 80mm. Also, make sure that the printer has a driver for your Windows version.
FGS Restaurant 80mm roller printer for about $ 120.-
80mm roller printer for about $ 120.-

» Accessories

Save yourself the annoying login and logout by clicking on the name and the password.
As of version 6.5.6, the software now also supports non-contact login with RFID code chips or cards via the worldwide available NFC Reader from ACS in addition to the Addimat Waiter Locks.

FGS Restaurant NFC RFID Reader
NFC RFID Reader for about $ 50.-

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» Hardware advice

At the moment we recommend to you "Windows 10 tablets", those are offered by different manufacturers. These are available with several touch screen sizes, 10" are perfectly adequate for our program. The price for these computers amounts momentarily around 190 $.

With the thermo voucher printers - print on thermo-paper roles - you don't need expensive ink cartridges. At the moment these printers are offered for US$ 140 in trade. If you use a tablet you need the printer with lan connection and a wireless router.

» FGS Restaurant

The program "FGS-Restaurant" was developed as an alternative to the expensive and complicated POS systems.
"FGS-Restaurant" is operational in each range of the Catering Trade!
Restaurants, Pensions, Hotels, Cafes, Bistros, Cafeterias, simple Taverns, Bars, Resorts, Dancehalls, Discos, Nightclubs and more belong to our content customers.

» The Restaurant Flashvideos

Furthermore, we have compiled several Flash Vidios in which you can see the operation of the program
  Flash Videos

»  TIP!  FGS-Cash Book

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The FGS Software Team recommends Windows 10 and 11
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