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See here the easy program operating from "FGS-Restaurant" on mp4 Video!
Simplest operation for your personnel with Touchscreen or mouse, multilingual and networkable!

FGS-Restaurant POS Videos To Learn

If you have a look here at the single steps of the program operation you ascertain as simply our "FGS Restaurant" for the user is. Our software is in such a way conceived that also a user with simple computer basic knowledge controls handling this program easy independently and in shortest time. You will see that you can serve your "FGS Restaurant" after the videointroduction immediately.

FGS Description:


First steps, what you find after the installation on your screen? You put yourself in as first user, set your currency and give yourself a personal password.

3,24 MB

FGS Service Area:

From the order to the billing

6,17 MB

Change Table, a guest change to a different table or a guest paid another guest the bill.

1,72 MB

Specials: wait/start order for the kitchen (The starter is cleared, start with the main course). Change the price from a menu item and order something not in menu.

5,72 MB

Immediately payment (Disco), with the order the invoice is printed out immediately. In events payment follows by delivery straight away (tables book is possible).

1,28 MB

Change Language: during the current operation, you can always change the display language This shall not affect the expression of the bills and order vouchers, this language is made in the printer settings.

2,50 MB

FGS Administration Area:

Survey: Settings of the VAT, staff enter, create or change menus, etc.

1,33 MB

Connect printer via USB:

Connect printer via LAN:

The FGS Software Team recommends Windows 10 and 11
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