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Trial Version

FGS-Restaurant was developed as an alternative to the expensive and complicated POS Systems!
Click here for the latest free Trial Version of our Catering Trade Program!

FGS Restaurant - Download the 45-Day Trialversion

Click here for the latest free Trial Version (45-Days) of our Catering Trade Program " FGS-Restaurant Version ".
For this Test Version neither a touchscreen still another role printer are necessary (the printout appears on display).
This program is supported on both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) architectures of the following operating systems:

Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 recommendation

The minimum configuration a modern Atom processor (quad-core) with 2 GB Ram and 32 GB hard disk should be used.

Trial Version (45 Days) 28.11.2019

free Download 17.3 MB

FGS Restaurant Description (PDF-File) 26.06.2018

free Download 2.50 MB

FGS Restaurant  Description (zip-File) 26.06.2018

free Download 2.1 MB

FGS-DB-Tool - Evaluation Software 28.11.2019

free Download 12.4 MB

FGS-DB-Tool Description (PDF-File) 29.03.2017

weiter zum kostenlosen Download 501 KB

FGS-DB-Tool Description (zip-File) 29.03.2017

free Download 353 KB
FGS-Restaurant Software
After the installation the question about your name and a 1 - 6 digit numeric password appears. Hereby you are at the same time announced as first operators and administrator of the software. On your desktop is now a test menu and the manual of the program in PDF format (please read or look the videos). Thus you can immediately begin testing. If you have your own menu, table arrangement and your staff entering, these data in the purchase of the license is not lost.

The software is in the test version the restaurant design (duration 45 days). If you want the bar design (Lady-Drink and Fine), send me a mail     Contact.

The FGS Software Team recommends Windows 10 and 11
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