FGS Time Tracking - Working time measurement

Subject Area:
  1. Administrator
  2. Automatic logout
  3. Network Connection
  4. Support FGS Software
  5. Change program language
  6. Add employees
  7. Time and Attendance
  8. Illness and vacation
  9. Print evaluations
  10. Holiday Planner
  11. Data Backup
  12. Data Export

FGS Time Tracking, Description and Help

After installation start the program.
If you have installed the program on a normal workstation, you can reduce the main window and thus have a small clock on your computer.

Analog clock
Also as a digital watch
When installing on a mini-PC or touch-screen tablet that is used only for time recording, you can view the clock in full-screen mode.

After clicking on the clock, the input window opens. Click on your name and then enter your password.

4 Employees (Freeware)
15 Employees
60 Employees

The software will automatically detect if you are logging in or logging out - you will be greeted or adopted.

The area of the administrator:

When you log in, the software detects whether you have administration rights.
An additional window opens.

The button "Admin" takes you to the administration area of the software

Automatic Logout:

It happens very often that employees forget to log out after work. In this case, the employee is logged out after a specified time and his working time is set to "zero" so that the working time does not grow in the immeasurable. The default is 14 hours. This limit can be changed by you.
These coworkers will be shown as "timed out" in yellow. The time should be taken care of after consultation with the employee korekt (time recording).

Network Connection (registered version only)

This item is only for people who are familiar with the file system on your computer.

Move Database - this feature allows you to move the database to any accessible location on your computer.
This will often be a server that is accessible to other computers at any time.

"Connection to external database - delete local" - the program will be installed on a new computer and connected to an accessible database in the network. The installed database will be deleted automatically.

Support FGS Software (registered version only)

If you have any problems with the software, you can contact us via e-mail and, if necessary, through the integrated TeamViewer, a FGS employee to access your computer.
Network problems are excluded.

Change program language

Choose your language from 17 available menu languages.

Add employees

In this window you can add, edit or delete employees.
In the basic version, the program is activated for 15 employees.
This can be seen above, left above the employees.
When selecting the employee for a change please click on the name, not in the free field next to it!
Go to "Edit" or click "New" for a new employee.
"Delete" If the employee is deleted, this will be marked as deleted. It is no longer displayed when logging in. The data is retained and you can view it at any time in the "Selection" Reports. The deletion expands your quota of employees.
If you want to delete an employee with all his data, press the "Ctrl" key simultaneously with the "Delete" button. Please note that the legislator has a data provision of 2 years prescribes.

  1. Short name - this entry is displayed in the login screen and must not be duplicated. For 2 people with the same name
    eg "Carter 1" and "Carter 2". It should not be longer than 8 characters.
  2. First name - self-explanatory.
  3. Last name - self-explanatory.
  4. Personnel number - enter the personnel number or tax number of the employee here.
    If you export to Excel at the end of the month, you can use this field to link to payroll accounting or your accountant.
  5. Telephone - in case of discrepancy or forgotten logout you can contact the employee directly.
  6. Password - A number between 1 and 6 numbers. Ask your employee.
  7. Admin - If you tick this person can enter the administration area.
  8. "deleted" - Activate or deactivate employees.

Time keeping

In this window you can see all log-in and log-out times. Data marked in yellow is timeouts - the employee forgot to log out, data marked in red is employees who are currently working.

You can limit this listing at your convenience, view only one day, or view the data of a single employee.

For a forgotten logout, ask the employee. You can see his phone number in the window. For a night shift, note the next day.
With the button "Work outside" you can complete the start and end times of a work outside the office.

A forgotten registration - click on "Working Time", select the employee and remove the check mark next to "Go".

Enter field service, illness, vacation, special leave, exemption and national holiday

In the window "Time recording" you will find the button "Illness" and "Vacation"....
Enter the first and last day here.
The program now automatically fills in the time you have entered 5 days a week (except Saturday and Sunday). The default is 08:00 hours. You can change this time.
If you want to enter a Saturday or a Sunday as sickness or holiday, select "1 day".
In the right-hand column of the time recording, you can now use the number to identify what time tracking is involved:
  1. = Working Time
  2. = Work outside
  3. = Illness
  4. = Holiday
  5. = Special Leave
  6. = Exemtion
  7. = National Holiday

Print evaluations

Select a time span
If you do not select a person, all employees are displayed with "Hours: Minutes" on a daily basis.

If you select a person, all days in the time span are displayed for that person and at the end the hours and minutes are counted together.

Monthly Overview

You can print or export any report to Excel, PDF or Word.

Holiday Planner

All entered vacation times are displayed here.
Print out the months and let your employees combine their holiday wishes.
Then you can, after checking the times enter in the program.


We strongly recommend that you back up at least once a month.
Click on the button and you will be asked - where:

The details can now be found under the button.

In the path you have selected, there is a new folder "Time.Tdb_Date + Time"
In this new folder is a "Time.Tdb". This file contains all your data.

If your computer should crash at some point, you will immediately get a new setup for the new installation of the program - of course without data.
To integrate your last data backup into the program, proceed as follows:
  1. Install the new setup - do not start the program!
  2. Go to the following folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\FGSsoftware\Time
  3. Delete the following files there: Time.Tdb und Container.Tdb
  4. Now copy the last backup "Time.Tdb" into this folder.
  5. Now start the program. The first start can take a while, depending on the amount of data.

Data Export (registered version only)

Select the time span and format (Excel, Access, or Text separated by (;)).
You can also create this export for a single employee.

Select the location for the export.

In this Excel export, a folder named "Time_Excel_Date and Time" was created in the directory you selected. In this folder is the "Time.xls".

The format xls can be opened with all, even older versions of Excel.

All relevant data of the employee including the personal ID are exported. For a simpler calculation, the working time is given in minutes.
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