11.08.2022 vers. 8.0
100 % Freeware.

15.02.2022 vers. 7.5.3
Network connection improved.

12.05.2021 vers. 7.5.2
Installation in different languages improved.
Switching to other languages updated.

20.04.2021 vers. 7.5.1
Remaining amount updated when changing books

08.01.2021 vers. 7.5
Certification renewed, remote access improved

15.03.2020 vers. 7.4
Print view improved

20.11.19 vers. 7.2
Improved printing function

04.10.19 vers. 7.1
Improved the structure of the report view

15.03.19 vers. 7
Adaptation to new Windows 10 updates.
Network functionality improved
Export to Excel file even without Excel installation

10.03.19 vers. 6.6.3
Last update for version 6.

03.08.18 vers. 6.6.2
Improved display for existing updates.

30.05.18 vers. 6.6.1
Difference in time-limited reports

02.03.18 vers. 6.6
TeamViewer set up in the program

10.02.18 vers. 6.5.9
Direct access to your computer

12.11.17 vers. 6.5.8
Update Check available in the menu.

09.11.17 vers. 6.5.7
Adaptation to Windows Fall Creators Update

22.10.17 vers. 6.5.6
Data export after Windows 10 Update available again.

21.09.17 vers. 6.5.5
Improved data display. Screen color changeable for each book individually.

07.05.17 vers. 6.5.3
Date input improved.

27.04.17 vers. 6.5.2
Fixed a problem with zero input and output when printing in portrait mode.

20.04.17 vers. 6.5.1
Fixed date update after Windows 10 Creators Update

15.03.17 vers. 6.5
Creating new books improved

08.07.16 vers.
Improved selection of several books

02.04.15 vers.
Immutable Data

31.01.15 vers. 6.0.3
Network ready

21.01.15 vers.
Fixed problems with corrupted files.

17.01.15 vers.
Help File adjusted.

15.01.15 vers.
Network capability improved.

02.06.14 vers.
Corrected Russian language.

24.04.14 vers.
prepared network

28.03.2014 vers.
The backup will be saved in a separate folder with date and time stamp.
Thus, multiple backups are possible for a book.

22.02.14 vers.
Improved program operation

16.11.13 vers.
Creating book improved (registered users only)

16.07.13 vers. 6.0.2
Currency symbol can now be created.

21.06.13 vers.
Folder for backup is now saved.

10.06.13 vers.
Recovery of data sets improved.

01.05.13 vers.
Improved multi-user

04.04.13 vers.
faster data processing

05.03.13 vers.
Export function improved.

05.03.13 vers.
Fixed error reporting expression.

03.03.13 vers.
Mistake in the amount no longer possible.

19.02.13 vers.
Error creating or modify a record corrected.

04.02.13 vers.
Display last record while creating new record

31.01.13 vers.
Address change of books improves

28.01.13 vers.
improved import of books from old version

19.01.2013 vers.
Numeric input optimized
Number assignment of bookings improved

18.01.13 vers.
better import from older versions

03.12.12 vers. 6.0.0
New program, run on Win8 and all 64 bit systems.

09.02.12 vers. 5.3.0
The program is now established on a new file structure.
The new setup looks and copy your books into the new directory.
In Vista and Win7 books were partially processed in foreign directories.

12.09.11 vers. 5.2.3
French and Spanish are supported in the system..

15.02.11 vers. 5.2.0
Customize screen size (full screen, original or custom)
Customize printing formats for long text entries
Opening the Windows calculator or on-screen keyboard for touch screen users.
Click on address data = edit
Click on book title = edit (registered version)
Book titles up to 20 characters
Without using the mouse with keyboard commands

04.02.11 vers. 5.1.9
open the Windows Calculator and Keyboard
If you have a Touch Screen

01.08.10 vers. 5.1.7
Description text up to 50 characters
Category up to 25 characters
Columns resize
Scrolling with mouse wheel
Better Backup