28.11.19 vers. 6.5.8
Improved printing features.

15.09.18 vers. 6.5.6
Connection to RFID Reader from ACS for logging in and out with contactless chips or cards.

26.04.18 vers. 6.5.5
New VAT evaluation under the reports.

06.11.17 vers. 6.5.4
Adapt to Windows Fall Creators Update

11.05.17 vers. 6.5.3
Adapt to Windows Creators Update

20.04.17 vers. 6.5.1
Fixed date update after Windows 10 Creators Update

26.03.17 vers. 6.5
In the full version (unlimited) address data can be changed.

24.05.16 vers.
Multi Order (Round Beer) improved.

04.10.15 vers. 6.0.6
Improving the tax settlement.

07.08.15 vers.
Backup data path with the start and end date of the data.

28.07.15 vers.
Preparation for GDPdU provisions.

08.04.15 vers.
Improvement when deleting incorrect entries

29.01.15 vers.
Day turnover expression (Z-Bon) with display of different VAT rates

03.11.14 vers. 6.0.5
Paper width from 57mm to A4 (210mm) possible

02.09.14 vers.
Selection of entries improved.

16.06.14 vers.
Interface to the ADDIMAT Waiter Lock is established.

02.06.14 vers.
Corrected Russian language.
Inputs and outputs optimized.

24.03.14 vers.
Report printouts for small screens optimized.

11.02.14 vers.
Optimized reports

17.12.13 vers.
Password entry between 1 and 6 numbers.

01.09.13 vers. 6.0.4
Report for sales of tables now for sub tables (A, B, C ......)
New report of the expenditure.

29.08.13 vers.
Password between 1 and 6 characters for quick or secure login.
Error fixed for reports on each first of month.

01.08.13 vers.
Report improved representation.

11.07.13 vers.
Optical adjustments for Win8 tablet `s in 10 inch format.

04.07.13 vers.
Enter the menu and menu changes improved.

10.06.13 vers.
Adjusted with an empty database error

16.03.13 vers.
Price change for orders over works.
Items deleted from the old order are now displayed correctly in the Daily Report.

31.01.13 vers. 6.0.3
Report Viewer is displayed faster.

07.09.12 vers. 6.0.2
completely by newly revised program, ready for future versions of Windows
New languages: Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

12.09.11 vers. 3.7.2
French and Spanish are supported in the system.

25.07.11 vers. 3.7.0
New data structure for all files. Now also for Windows 7 64bit.

14.06.11 vers. 3.6.7
Automatically when you exit a backup is created.

06.06.11 vers. 3.6.5
Each item can now be added a date. (Motor bike or bicycle rentals, hotel rooms, etc.)

30.05.11 vers. 3.6.5
New language "Dutch"

29.12.10 vers. 3.6.1
optional window to enter an arbitrary discount

25.10.10 vers. 3.5.9
Optional customer counter with different evaluations.

15.10.10 vers. 3.5.8
Time management for your staff.

03.09.10 vers. 3.5.7
Printer settings for the second Language easier.
Win7 Improved compatibility.

24.08.10 vers. 3.5.5
Calculation attachment "Entertainment expenses"

13.08.10 Vers. 3.5.4
Cash drawer also for Com and LPT port.
Database backup improved.

18.06.10 Vers. 3.5.3
Timeframe in Reports.
Over a period chosen by you, you can now query the turnover of the daylight hours
and in the end receive an average calculation.
In stock now sale data is marked as "imported".

06.05.10 Vers. 3.5.2
Windows 7 Compatibility improved.

10.04.10 Vers. 3.5.0
Under Admin/Reports/RestInformation click on the "Ctrl" key with the left mouse
button on promotion and get the remaining term of your version appears.

26.03.10 Vers. 3.4.8 + 9
The opening of the cash drawer can now be carried over to a connected USB printer.

12.03.10 Vers. 3.4.7
The problem of missing invoice numbers was eliminated.

02.03.10 Vers. 3.4.5
The Serbian language version was added - many thanks to Damir.

01.03.10 Vers. 3.4.4
In Admin now you see the database location and the amount of data "from - to" is appear.

24.02.10 Vers. 3.4.4
Spanish was reprocessed - Thanks to Peter Fiddeke and his team.
For all input screens, where the keyboard is needed, can now over a button a virtual screen keyboard appears.

22.01.10 Vers. 3.4.4
Free extras (fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes) are now numbered and thus sorted in the order.

21.11.09 Vers. 3.4.3
Error in "Money In" was fixed.

23.10.09 Vers. 3.4.2
The Russian language was added (without correction)

03.10.09 Vers. 3.4.1
WIN7 ready

08.09.09 Vers. 3.4.0
Languages Norway, Sweden and Tuerkey added. Delete orders now only possible from managers.
Check from this version, the printer settings.
Footer now for customer Orderbon

27.08.09 Vers. 3.3.9
The massage releases were connected with the bar version. As of now only a Restaurant, or Lady/Boy Bar version.

10.08.09 Vers. 3.3.8
Small bugs corrected optics and reprocessed total.

20.07.09 Vers. 3.3.6
A printed invoice is now about admin / report are again led back into the ordering mode (with Boss-rights).
Print without paper the bill: in the preview window a new button "print without paper" (for small orders)

20.04.09 Vers. 3.3.5
Billing by check and credit now possible.

13.03.09 Vers. 3.3.4
In price changes when entering the order, the program asks whether the right or privilege

28.02.09 Vers. 3.3.3
Many improvements and now Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French

10.06.08 Vers. 3.2.4
In Admin/RestInformation can now be a logo (jpg, bmp, gif) for the billing to be inserted.

06.11.08 Vers. 3.1.5
From this version is asked at the first start of the trial the owners by name and password.